Top 5 places to surf for beginner surfers in Oz

Ever learned how to surf?  Beginner surfers?
When most think of surfing, they think of salty haired, tanned
skin, young yahoo’s and nose riding on single fins on Australia’s golden beaches. This might
be a common sight if you were to visit Watergoes bay (The Pass), however, learning the fine
art of surfing is more than meets the salt encrusted eye.

So, if you have arrived from overseas, been in Australia for a while or lived here your whole
life and are planning to surf or even just rent a surfboard; you may be inquisitive as to which
beach or break is most suitable for your level of surfing. Because as any surfer would tell
you, it doesn’t just happen overnight! It is not just the standing up and riding a wave, but
everything that goes along with it; choosing the perfect peak, the right surfboard, right surf
wax, right wetsuit, and most importantly the best café to get your coffee for your pre surf!
Also it is important to make sure you are with friends or around surfers who are on the
same level as you.
Here are a few awesome surfing locations on the East Coast and why;

First Point Noosa Heads – Queensland;

A fun right hand point break which is perfect for practicing catching green waves and
trimming along the wave face, at what is, the final section of Noosa’s famous points.
Suitable for beginner surfers  when the waves are small, however, due to its popularity and surf
tourism, it can get very busy at times and collisions are a regular occurrence. The
characteristics of the waves peel down the point with a good shape making for long easy
rides to the beach with a relatively easy paddle out too, not to mention the water is lovely
and warm! Just what you have dreamed off; surfing in your board shorts or bikini (don’t
forget your zink!)

Broad beach Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast Queensland;

Whilst many intermediate surfers search for their own perfect waves in the neighboring
beaches, Broad Beach remains a popular spot amongst many people who are learning how
to surf. Most beginner surfers can enjoy fun waves when the swell is small and uncrowded
peaks. Broad beach is exposed to swell and wind, so it is often best to surf early before
ocean breezes strengthen, which messes up the surf. If you are unsure, speak to some of
the local surf gurus or the local surf school for advice or learn to surf lessons.

Clarkes Beach – Byron Bay – New South Wales

Of course we had to mention a beach in one of Australia’s most famous spots of the East
Coast! Whether you are here to surf, party, turn veggie, get in touch with your spiritual side,
find huey, meet the mad hueys or simply see what all the fuss is about; Byron Bay will have
something for you! Clarkes Beach offers awesome protection from strong south swells and
winds which makes it a great spot to learn how to surf – not the mentioned there are a
number of places to get surf lessons for beginner surfers and hire surfboards from.

This wave is good a high and mid tide, but be careful as lower tides sees the waves dump on

shallow sandbars with a surprising amount of speed and energy, even when the waves are small.

Yamba Main Beach – New South Wales;

If you were to take a photo in your mind of the perfect surfing beach this could possibly be
it… A very popular beach for Australian holiday makers with small waves break over a white
sandy bottom and sheltered rock pools for those who want to have an easy swim. The
beach has plenty of waves along the stretch of sand, which is perfect for you to improve
your surfing technique. The beach is broad and flat, so easier at low to mid tide for
beginners. Jeremy Walters (Australian Champion) runs the local learn to surf school in
Yamba, so you are in good hands in terms of surf school!

Crescent Head – New South Wales;

We couldn’t talk about all these beaches and leave out Crescent head – a big favorite for all
surfers including Australian Surf Tours coaches and staff: as we had many of surf trips.
Crescent head a.k.a. ‘Creso’ is a legendary spot revered by long boarders/malriders
worldwide and home to the fabled Crescent Head Malibu Classic a must for all the old salty
dogs out there. The point itself provides right hand peelers that are long mellow as is the
wait for a wave during summer due to the crowds that descend on the small town.
Beginners are best to enjoy this spot on small wave days or even move down into the bay.

If the crowds are low, and only once you have mastered surf board control
along with your surf confidence in catching green waves and trimming along the face of the
wave this can deliver some of the longest right handers on the coast! Just beware; there are
a few rocks as this is a point break! Highly recommend going to the local pub on the
weekends for some live music, a couple of schooners and a chat with some of the local


The Farm – Shellharbour NSW

Here is one of the ten national surfing reserves within Australia, the Farm has a gradual sandbank
which delivers, mellow beachie waves pulsing up the beach. On a good day, it can hold up to
4-5ft at the South end. If you walk up to the North end it can be a steady 1ft and
anything in between in the middle. This really is a great beach for first timers and
intermediate surfers, with long lines of white wash up to peak after peak of lefts and rights
varying in size up the beach. If you are learning to surf or progress your surfing, this beach
has it all! From a 10ft single fin to a 5’8 thruster, the Farm has it all for you! It is such a
versatile beach and home to AST’s Weetbix Surf Groms, so just make sure you avoid the
army of Blue Rash vests as the only danger here is an army of Groms dominating the peak!

There are thousands of beaches up and down the East Coast of Australia and we would
encourage anyone who is learning how to surf or progress their surfing, to get out there and
explore! If unsure, ask any local surf schools as they are the gurus of the local area! Now you
know a few surf spots on the coast, get out there and start planning your own surf trips! You
are ready to zinc up, paddle out and start catching your own waves. Don’t forget to say hi to
the guys from Australian Surf Tours if you visit the Farm!


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