Participation Declaration

1. The person who’s name appears on the registration and booking form for any tour operated by Australian Surf Tours will be described as “the customer” in this document.

2. By filling in the registration and booking form the customer hereby applies to partake in a tour operated by Australian Surf Tours on the dates outlined on the same form and under the regulations in this declaration.

3. The customer acknowledges that surfing and camping involves some inherent dangers and that these dangers may result in injury to the customer or other customers.

4. The customer agrees that weather conditions are uncontrollable by Australian Surf Tours, and for this reason Australian Surf Tours is not liable for any loss or damage to any property arising from these conditions.

5. Australian Surf Tours will endeavour to provide locked storage for valuable items (>$1000) but does not accept any liability for any loss or damage to these items or any item while in the storage or otherwise at any stage of the tour.

6. Each customer is ultimately responsible for all property he/she brings onto the tour. Australian Surf Tours accepts no responsibility for loss, theft, breakage or damage of any property of any customer.

7. Australian Surf Tours reserves the exclusive right to cancel, suspend or re-locate any tour operated by them at any stage should weather or surf conditions or other factors be determined to be too dangerous and/or place the customer and /or the staff at Australian Surf Tours at unnecessary risk of injury, illness or death. This will be determined at the sole discretion of Australian Surf Tours and will be done so at any time with no refund.

8. Australian Surf Tours will endeavour to provide equipment in an adequate condition for use in activities organised by them but gives no warranty for such equipment. All damages to property owned by Australian Surf Tours that is caused by the customer will be paid for in full by the customer.

9. The customer must not damage, deface, steal or remove any natural or unnatural objects from any campsite, beach, National Park or Tourist Park while under the Duty of Care of Australian Surf Tours; noted in the document to be from tour start to tour end.

10. Australian Surf Tours may refuse any person at any time participation in the entire Surf Tour, or part of a surf tour for any reason at their sole discretion. Australian Surf Tours reserves the right to refund or not refund part or whole of the payment made by the customer at the time of refusal.

11. The customer, while under the duty of care of Australian Surf Tours must take direction from Australian Surf Tours staff and must not hinder the safety of other participants or the staff’s ability to conduct activities in a safe and fun manner. A customer shall not disturb or distract other participants while on a Tour.

12. Australian Surf Tours reserves the right to remove any customer from any Tour who does not comply with this document without refund or loss to the company at their sole discretion.

13. Australian Surf Tours operates under the laws of The Australian Government and therefore does not permit any use of illicit drugs on its tour by any of it’s customers or staff.

14. Australian Surf Tours reserves the right to refuse participation of any customer who is over 0.05% Blood Alcohol Concentration and/or under the influence of any drugs whether they be illicit or otherwise and will use its sole discretion to do so. All customers and staff may be required to be breath tested prior to any free surfing or controlled lessons and may be refused participation if falling outside of the guidelines above with no refund.

15. Each customer participates in each Australian Surf Tours tour at their own risk.

16. All customers are required to be able to swim and be in sound health both body and mind.

17. All customers must be over 18 years old, or minimum 15 years old accompanied by a legal guardian who takes sole responsibility for them during the tour and provides written consent for them to travel alone.

18. Australian Surf Tours reserves the absolute right to require some form of physical fitness test or skill test for its customers to determine their capability of participation and may refuse entry at its sole discretion based on the outcome of such assessments with no refund.

19. The customer, by acknowledging that they have read these terms, hereby declares that they do not suffer from any pre-existing medical condition that may prevent their participation in any of the tours which may include, but are not limited to epilepsy, congenital heart disease, angina, severe asthma or uncontrolled asthma, injury, pregnancy, acrophobia or any recent surgery.

20. Australian Surf Tours is excluded from any liability arising from it’s customers participation in any tour and will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to the customer arising from such participation no matter how that loss, damage or injury was caused.

21. Australian Surf Tours will accept no responsibility or be liable for any loss, damage or injury where the customer fails to obey direct instruction from an Australian Surf Tours employee, or the customer has failed to release details of any pre-existing medical condition, or if the customer suffers an unknown medical condition during the tour.

22. Australian Surf Tours takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the any negligent act of its customers.

23. All transactions are in Australian Dollars.

24. All card payments will incur a 3% processing fee.

25. SMS Terms & Conditions:  The mobile number +61 488 811 150 is used by Australian Surf Tours to communicate with customers in relation to their bookings. Customers opt-in to receiving SMS notifications when making a booking with Australian Surf Tours.  Customers can opt out at anytime by texting the word STOP to +61 488 811 150.  Customers can request support by texting the word HELP to +61 488 811 150.  Customers will receive an SMS for every booking they make with Australian Surf Tours.  Customers will not receive more than x2 SMS messages per month.


Cancellation/Change Policy

1. Australian Surf Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour. In this case a full refund will be provided to the customer or the customer will be re-booked into a future tour.

2. Any changes made to a booking outside of 7 days of the commencement of the tour will incur a $100 Administration Fee per person. Any cancellations within 7 days will not be refunded and be re-booked only at customers expense. Changes to bookings within this period of 7 days will be treated as cancellations and no refund will be paid.

3.  Processing fees for credit cards will not be refunded should the customer wish to cancel or make changes to their booking. Should AST make changes to any booking or cancel any booking all fees will be refunded.

4. All personal information provided by the customer will be held as strictly confidential and will be held by Australian Surf Tours only.

Covid-19 Booking policies apply to anyone booking any course run by Australian Surf Tours after May 1, 2020.

C-1. Australian Surf Tours (AST) reserves the right to cancel or rebook any booked tours should there be any safety issue arising affecting staff or clients of AST.  In the event of cancellation, clients will be given credit notes to use at a later date at no extra cost.  Refunds will not be offered.

C-2. Should any of the Australian Surf Tours programs have to be rescheduled due to low numbers (as caused by COVID-19 restrictions), guests will be offered credit notes to rebook at a later date as decided by them and AST.  Refunds will not be offered.

C-3.  If lockdown restrictions cause any participant to be unable to attend any one of Australian Surf Tours’ programs, a credit note will be apply to the guest for use when restrictions have lifted.  No refunds will be offered.


Privacy Addendum

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.

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1-5 April 2021