Who said surfing was a man’s sport?  Actually, with the advancement of women’s surfing over the past decade there is a very real prospect of it being called a women’s sport sometime very soon.

That being said, there has always been a few barriers to some girls wanting to get in the water and start surfing and at AST we don’t want that!  We want everyone to surf and enjoy the spirit that it brings so we have started some Ladies Surf Sessions for those girls who like a bit of freedom from the men.

You can surf with other like minded ladies and have a laugh with no pretense at all. And most importantly, you can learn to surf or improve your surfing in an environment of friendship, respect and fun.

In our Ladies Surf Sessions we cover all the fundamental skills of surfing technique, school our students of environmental factors affecting wave conditions like wind and swell, and generally share the vibe of surfing that has captured us all.

You don’t have to be a pro to join these sessions.  We have professional instructors on hand to take you through the motions, help you get waves and most of all help you have fun.


“Probably the best Surf School in Australia”  Sam Hatcher

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Great surf Instructors

“Abby the surf instructor was great! She was very friendly and communicated well. Very caring and fit. She made the experience very enjoyable so much so that we booked her for our next lesson as well.” Sophie Hauser

Europe, Trip Advisor

Awesome !!

“The guys AST are very attentive , give you the necessary support to learn to surf , do their jobs with perfection and do it for love of the sport , I had many experiences with them and learned a lot, I will remember the rest of my life, the guys are awesome !! It seems that you’re part of the family !” Deb E

Devon, England, Trip Advisor

1.5 Hour Surf Lesson

You will be offered a 1.5 hour surfing lesson at your chosen location by our highly experienced and qualified surf instructors.


We provide you with a suitable wetsuit to ensure you stay warm and protected at anytime of the year.


We take you to some of Australia’s most beautiful coastal locations with the best surfing conditions for your ability level in the surf.


We employ the friendliest surf coaches in Australia, all of whom have decades of coaching experience…come and see for yourself!


A surfboard chosen specifically for your size and ability level will be provided free of charge.


We have a professional photographer and videographer on hand every trip to capture your best moments.


All of our surfing lessons are approved by Surfing Australia, meaning you will only experience the very best in quality and safety.


Australian Surf Tours has been voted the #1 adventure activity out of Sydney by Trip Advisor. Check out our reviews and ratings online!

What’s Included?

You don’t need much as we include almost everything you need!  Just make sure you bring the following along for your lesson:

  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
1 Day Surf Camp Map

AST Surf School Locations

When booking into a surf lesson with AST Surf School you have the choice of the following spectacular locations.

1. Bulli, NSW

Thirroul NSW AustraliaBulli Beach is on the Northern end of the Wollongong City coastline. In fact, it’s only about an hour drive South of central Sydney which makes it a perfect destination for a trip out of the city. Driving South along the Grand Pacific Drive you can get a glimpse of the beautiful coastline this region has to offer, stop and have some lunch at Scarborough Hotel (best pub ever) and be sitting on beautiful Bulli Beach before you even think about it. Coming from the South its only about 15 minutes drive from Wollongong City centre making it a perfect beach to escape the crowds.

2. Wollongong, NSW

Wollongong Beach Surf Lessons

Welcome to Wollongong City’s premier beach location. Situated in the heart of Wollongong, City Beach (South Beach as its known to locals) is surrounded by cafe’s, parks, bars and restaurants and is an ideal location for anyone seeking some sunshine and a day at the beach. There’s a bike track and walking path that runs along the ocean and is great for a bit of people watching, there are BBQ facilities that are free to use, wading pools to swim in, rock pools to check out and last but definitely not least, there are great waves!

3. The Farm, Shellharbour

The Farm NSW Australia There’s no cows on this farm!! There used to be though which is how this beach got it’s name. Actually when you see this beach you will wonder why ‘in thy Lords name’ the farmer actually sold his farm! The old farm that used to be here is now called Killalea State Park and the only history that can be seen are a few foundations of barns from a bygone era that used to stand here. While past surfers used to make the trek through the old farm and pay 20 cents at the gate to get in, it is now hidden from the road by a large housing estate that anyone can get to. It is managed by State Parks and is a beautiful mix of manicured grassland, lagoons, rolling hills, a campsite and two sensational surf beaches. One of these beaches is called ‘The Farm’, for obvious and recently explained reasons and the other is called ‘Mystics’ aptly named after the fogs that roll over the cliffs in Winter time from which Mystical (and perfect) waves appear. While Mystics is strictly for ‘advanced’ surfers only due to its incredible power and thick hollow barrels, ‘The Farm’ has a much more forgiving set up and presents beautiful lines of swell and turns them into peaks right down the beach. The South End here is the main break for the more advanced, but only a 5 minute walk up to the North End will give you long shallow rolling waves… perfect for beginners!

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