14 DAY SURF CAMP – $1,899

The 14 Day Surf Camp Sydney experience is a continuation of our 7 day Surf Camp and allows you continue the dream of life on the beach.  After completing our 7 day Surf Camp you will have knowledge of the ocean, the ability to stand up on and hopefully turn your surfboard and an understanding of the Aussie surfers way of life.

The next step is to continue to spend time in and around the ocean, to advance these newly acquired skills through continued surfing on different waves and in different conditions and to increase your confidence.  So this is what we will do!

With more video, more surfing, more skateboarding and more fun times we will help you improve your surfing, decrease your stress and suck you in to a new way of life.  Our way of life. Life as a surfer.


“An experience to remember!”  Trip Advisor

2 week surf camp with AST

“I did a 2 week surf camp with AST and it was amazing. I went to amazing beaches to surf. Besides the surfing we did a lot of other activities : hiking, skating … Thank you to the whole AST- crew. And of course I had very good surf instructors. Thank you Kristian for giving me my first surfing lessons ever. And a special thanks to Abby for the amazing week of surfing, skating and good conversations.”

Joel T

Trip Advisor

An experience to remember

“This surf camp was just an amazing experience I will never forget! I met amazing people, enjoyed good food and have never seen such a beautiful location before! The staff composed of young, motivated and just cool people made everything even better! I am Looking forward to being back there soon and to improve my surfing skills! Keep it up, you are amazing!”

Frederik B

Holland, Trip Advisor


You will need to jump on the Train at Sydney Central Station for a 1hr 20 minute train ride to Thirroul where we will pick you up and take you to our surf camp.


We provide you with a healthy breakfast every-day for the duration of your stay. There are also cafes, shops & restaurants on-site and close by, plus AST’s famous Friday night BBQ.


We take you to some of Australia’s most beautiful coastal locations with the best surfing conditions for your ability level in the surf.


We employ the friendliest surf coaches in Australia, all of whom have decades of coaching experience…come and see for yourself!


You will be given 18 lessons across the week at our picture-perfect locations by surf instructors, plus a surf style skateboard training session.


We have a professional photographer and videographer on hand every trip to capture your best moments.


Our Surf Camp accommodation had been purposely renovated for your comfort while you stay with us…


Australian Surf Tours has been voted the #1 adventure activity out of Sydney by Trip Advisor. Check out our reviews and ratings online!

What’s Included?

You don’t need much as we include almost everything you need!  Just make sure you bring the following along on your surf camp:

  • A Towel
  • Some Swimwear
  • Sunscreen
  • 2 Weeks worth of Clothes
  • Warm clothes for the evening
  • A few dollars just in case

AST Transport

During your stay with us, we will drive you to the best breaks and beaches in our fleet of air conditioned vehicles and mini buses…

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There are dozens of stunning beaches and surf breaks surrounding our surf camp just south of Sydney. We can take you to the best surf breaks each day during the week, and on the weekends you can hire a vehicle or just walk across to the beach from our Surf House!

Healthy Food

Our camp food is all freshly made; locally sourced and largely organic…and our chef is amazing!

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We provide you with a healthy breakfast every-day for the duration of your stay. There are also cafes, shops & restaurants on-site and close by, plus AST’s famous Friday night BBQ.

Healthy Food

Our camp food is all freshly made; locally sourced and largely organic…and our chef is amazing!

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We provide you with a healthy breakfast every-day for the duration of your stay. There are also cafes, shops & restaurants on-site and close by, plus AST’s famous Friday night BBQ.


We call our accommodation The Surf Lodge – right across the road from one of the best surfing beaches in the region.  We have an on-site bar selling tasty craft beers and a kitchen serving the best fresh food in town.

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The rooms are beautifully renovated for our Surf Camps and there is a selection to suit everybody's budget.

The Surf House:  This is a 4 bedroom shared house and is the smaller brother of the Surf Lodge with all the same amenities: Big kitchen, Balcony with water views, Netflix, WiFi throughout and a TV in each room.  It sits above our bar and restaurant for easy access and looks across to the beach.

Private Motel Suites: For an extra fee you can have a place all to yourself (or you and up to two friends). Our private suites all have en-suites, a TV; comfy beds, and we have even installed kitchenettes and a fridge so you can chill your beer! The rooms are all serviced weekly during your stay with bedding and new towels.

All of our guests have access to the common garden area toward the back of the Surf Lodge that has a BBQ, big common table, chairs and a fire pit.  A great place to hang out, tell stories and enjoy a genuinely Aussie surfing life.

1 Day Surf Camp Map

AST Camp Locations

Depending on which surf camp you are attending, you will be visiting the following spectacular locations.

1. Thirroul - 1.2hr South of Sydney

Thirroul NSW Australia Thirroul Beach is on the Northern end of the Wollongong City coastline. In fact, it’s only about an hour drive South of central Sydney which makes it a perfect destination for a trip out of the city. Driving South along the Grand Pacific Drive you can get a glimpse of the beautiful coastline this region has to offer, stop and have some lunch at Scarborough Hotel (best pub ever) and be sitting on beautiful Thirroul Beach before you even think about it. Coming from the South its only about 15 minutes drive from Wollongong City Centre making it a perfect beach to escape the crowds.

2. The Farm, Shellharbour - 1.75hrs sth of Sydney

The Farm NSW Australia There’s no cows on this farm!! There used to be though which is how this beach got it’s name. Actually when you see this beach you will wonder why ‘in thy Lords name’ the farmer actually sold his farm! The old farm that used to be here is now called Killalea State Park and the only history that can be seen are a few foundations of barns from a bygone era that used to stand here. While past surfers used to make the trek through the old farm and pay 20 cents at the gate to get in, it is now hidden from the road by a large housing estate that anyone can get to. It is managed by State Parks and is a beautiful mix of manicured grassland, lagoons, rolling hills, a campsite and two sensational surf beaches. One of these beaches is called ‘The Farm’, for obvious and recently explained reasons and the other is called ‘Mystics’ aptly named after the fogs that roll over the cliffs in Winter time from which Mystical (and perfect) waves appear. While Mystics is strictly for ‘advanced’ surfers only due to its incredible power and thick hollow barrels, ‘The Farm’ has a much more forgiving set up and presents beautiful lines of swell and turns them into peaks right down the beach. The South End here is the main break for the more advanced, but only a 5 minute walk up to the North End will give you long shallow rolling waves… perfect for beginners!

1. Bendalong - 3.5hrs sth of Sydney

Surf Camp for 2 Days in Sydney Australia

Around 220kms south of Sydney, on NSW’ pristine South Coast region, and hidden by a highway and a mountain range is the beautiful little seaside village of Bendalong. It takes about 2.5 hours by car, a little more by bus and about 4 weeks if you want to walk. It is known by most Sydney-siders that surf but by nobody from anywhere else.

What gives Bendalong its charm is the fact that its so close to Sydney, but barely anyone goes there.

It’s surrounded by a National Park to the West so there is ‘heaps’ of Australian Wildlife and to the East.. well.. 6 of the most beautiful beaches with epic waves that you can find anywhere on earth. You see Bendalong is stuck out in the ocean on a Peninsular that used to be called ‘Red Head’. To the North there is the tranquil beach called Washerwomans that is absolutely perfect for learning. South of the point is Bendalong main beach which has perfect A-Frame style beach breaks right along it and catches almost every piece of swell that the ocean dishes up. Further South again (3 mins drive) is arguably the most beautiful beach of all. Conjola Beach sits at the entrance of Lake Conjola which glistens on sunset and is a beach break for all levels. But the main attraction at this location is Green Island and its very tasty 500 metre long left hand point break! Perfect walls that run forever and one of the South Coast’s hidden treasures. Woops.. maybe I shouldn’t have said….

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1-5 April 2021