Perfect surf essentials to travel

One of the luxuries of surfing is the ability to travel to the best surf spots anywhere around the world without any restrictions.  You may have to travel far or not far at all in search of the perfect session. In order to make this happen it is significant that you bring necessary surf essentials helping you to get frothing. So we have compiled a must have list of the “perfect surf essentials” for you to take on board.

1. Surfboard

One of the first surf essentials.. Your surfboard. In order to venture out on quality waves you will

be needing of course a surf board and a surfboard bag. Due to travelling away from your local breaks towards the perfect spot, you will be needing a step up board to adjust to put yourself in the best position to rip into the waves.

2. Surfboard bag

Furthermore, dings in your board while you’re travelling sucks so pick up yourself a surfboard bag in order to keep your
board in the perfect condition. The ideal surfboard bag is a quad coffin shortboard cover from Ocean and Earth which can
stack up to 1-5 boards.
This is an ideal necessity for a boys/girls surf trip. These come in 4 sizes where the 6”6 is perfect for shortboard enthusiasts
giving plenty of room for step up boards to fit in.

Mini Mal lovers can find themselves the 8”0 size to get them frothing on the waves ahead. Here is a link to purchase this gem of a bag.
Your perfect surfboard bag.

3. Wetsuits/Board shorts

Going tropical or up north? Find yourself an Excel spring suit 2MM perfect for cooler warm
water conditions ideal for places such as frothing point breaks at the Gold Coast and crystal
clear barrels at Western Australia. It possesses an excessive amount of manoeuvrability still

allowing to produce buckets of spray.  Get your wetsuit here

Looking for the perfect board shorts to get you ripping, have a look into the O’neil
Hyperfreak Core possessing first class quick drying systems and an environmental friendly
recycling system eliminating negative externalities to improve your session that little bit
better. It’s a match made in heaven whilst surfing the most sublime spots in Indo, Fiji,
Maldives and other warm water hotspots.

Get your short here

4. Reef booties

Don’t want to get your feet into a shemozzle, equip yourself with an Excel 1mm infiniti split reef bootie.
Although you may venture yourself on perfect waves, a surfer knows that you are bound to find
some classic wipeouts on the way.
These are the perfect protection gear to avoid some nasty and brutal cuts. Lastly the 1mm thick material
possessing the ideal warm water session or if venturing in colder waters pick yourself a 2mm
providing extra warmth.
Reef booties 

5. Fins and fin keys

Struggling to find the perfect fins for your sled, the FCS find your fin is a great way to do so
comparing your weight, fin set up, surfing level and ideal manoeuvres.
If you happen to be between 60-80 Kgs, rides a thruster set up, intermediate surfing level and an all-
rounder performer the FCS II Performer Neo glass is the ideal fins for you. If not have a go at FCS find your
fin and sure enough you will discover quality fins to equip. FCS Fins

Secondly, fcs fin keys allows easy access to change your fins and to be off and running in search for

pumping waves. Fcs fin key

6. Extra gear

Sunscreen / Zinc:

Grab yourself Surf mud zinc and heaps of it to not look like a red tomato. SURFMUD™ is tested on surfers, not animals.

With 30% zinc and a blend of natural ingredients SURFMUD™ is made to stay on and hold up in the harshest conditions. Whether your surfing 10′  Indo in tradewind season or hitting the back beach for some summer fun – we have you covered.  SURFMUD

Leg ropes:

Make sure to take several leashes due to the varying conditions during your trip.
For smaller days grab a 6 ft FCS premium competition shortboard leash. For bigger days make sure to pack
7ft and to charge on some 8ft plus bombs be sure to pack 12ft leashes.
Buy Leg ropes

Sunnies and hat:

Chuck in a couple of each in the suitcase to get you all set for the blistering
sun by the beaches.

Medical Kit and travel insurance:

Safety is a priority so taking a medical kit will ensure the prevention of infections or further injury.

Do not overlook the options of travel insurance due to potentially being able to save you thousands.

Ding repair kits:

These can be picked up from your local surf hardware store or from surf stitch if your board consists of epoxy.

Buy a ding repair


One of the surf essentials you definitely don’t want to forget. Bring plenty of this due to the countless sessions
ahead on your trip of a lifetime. Far king warm water wax will do you plenty of favours for your feet to really dig into
those deep bottom turns and into the perfect the snaps along the way.
Get your wax here

Now you have all the surf essentials ready to travel but you’ re not confident in your surfing ability?  Hit us up at AST where we can get you to the next level in your surfing ability while being pure stoked. Have a look into our surf camps and surf development program we offer here with full one on one attention. Here is a 7 day surf camp we offer at Australian Surf Tours:

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