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What a start to the year we’ve had!. I hope everyone has caught up after the rush and bustle of the last school holidays.. As we are on our way to some more in just a few weeks! I’m sure we’ve all noticed that there has been some massive swell and big surf over the last couple of weeks and crazy weather. For some it means the surf is pumping and an awesome time to get out, For others less game a chance to build ocean knowledge focus on building muscle memory and the confidence to soon be out there in the midst of elements.

I hope that everyone has still had the chance to watch the magnificent ocean while it has been roaring and enjoy it in some way or form while it does its thing. Aside from the last couple of weeks (with the massive surf) AST surfers have been frothing it up- learning and having fun in a safe environment. We also have more ladies and privates surfing with us ever before!! It’s great to see more of the community getting involved in the ocean and the joys in which it brings. Here are some snapshots of what’s been going on with in the AST community.



Groms and Frothers

I’d like to take a moment to welcome the new Groms families in which have recently joined us ,what a wonderful extra curricular activity you have gotten your kids into!

It is a great age for kids to learn such a technical sport/hobby in which provides a healthy, active living in which they will hopefully stick with forever.


We love watching our groms improve and flourish in their surfing. It is amazing to be apart of the journey, seeing them grow through Surf Groms and becoming an AST Frother. From learning essential ocean education and awareness, to cutting and trimming on the waves and creating their own surf plans and goals. Its great to not only share the passion of surfing but to see the kids creating the surf vibe with in our community.

Speaking of Frothers we are excited about this new program and have been experiencing amazing moments in and out of the ocean with the grommets. As a new program we are still working out a few minor details so we would love to hear your feedback, it is super important for us so that we can provide the community a top of the line surf development program.



We’re running 3 Day Holiday Programs from 10th April – 26th.

These will run Monday – Wednesday then Thursday to Saturday Each week.

So the dates are: 10th-12th, 13th-15th, 16th-18th, 20th-22nd and 24th-26th April.

*Each Sunday is 1 Day program*



3 Day (9am-3pm) – $350

3 Half Days (9am-11am) – $150

1 Day (9am-3pm) – $180

1 Half Day (9am-11am) – $70


Easter Surf Camp:

18th – 20th April

3 Days at Bendalong


Kids: $400

Parents: $250


Includes; All Camping Equipment (excludes Sleeping bags), Transport (Bulli, North Gong and Shellharbour Pickups) All Meals, Surf Lessons, Feeding the Animals, Bush Walks and evening activities. https://australiansurftours.com.au/surf-camp/kids-surf-camps/



Ladies Surf Lessons    

We are passionate about encouraging and coaching ladies to get out there and surf!! I am new to the company, and honored to be in charge of co-ordinating these lessons and building the ladies surf community within our local area. Instead of calling it ‘Mum’s go Surfing’…I’ve changed it to Ladies Surf Lessons to encompass all women who are learning to master the waves :). 

I have spoken to a lot of women recently and a lot have thought about surfing, but it seems there has been a few common themes holding the ladies back. Some of these themes include: Surfing has been a male dominated hobby, haven’t had the chance, haven’t surfed in years, I am just too busy, I am scared of the ocean. Yet it is still something that they think about everyone now and then.

Ladies it is time for you to take some time out for yourselves and venture into this mind blowing passion. To help motivate and kick things off, I am offering for all new students a Free surf lesson Trial. In the hope that every lady in the community gets a taste of this amazing sport and see what all the fuss is about. Surfing is a journey and we are able to help and support you along the way. Throughout the journey we will be re-learning alongside friends, having a few laughs whilst doing something different that we’ve always wanted! If this sparks your interest- please email me [email protected]

This is definitely a case of ‘the more the merrier’ so bring your friends along. We want to give you the experience you deserve sooo…. come along to a free trial to test us out, what are you waiting for! Check availability on https://australiansurftours.com.au/surf-school/ladies-surf-sessions/


 Upcoming Events

“Thirsty Merc” Coallcliffe SLSC Fundraising Event- Thursday 30 March 8:30pm-10pm.

Come along to Anita’s Theatre in Thirroul to support one of our local Surf Clubs!. The Bombie is a musical event that raises funds for the purchase of rescue equipment by Coalcliff SLSC. Tickets are $40 for further information, please see; http://www.anitastheatrethirroul.com/upcoming-events/coalcliff-slsc-benefit-gig/30/3/2017


Thirroul Seaside Festival- 31 March, 1st & 2nd April

Experience a plethora of entertainment at our local seaside park in Thirroul. Ranging from live art demonstrations on the Saturday to Sunday where anything and everything to do with the sea will be celebrated! Sunday will commence with a Thirroul Surf Club beach side breakfast and a Junior Surf Comp. There will be carnival rides, activities for kids, live music and markets stalls- we will be there on the Sunday- come visit us!!! 🙂


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