5 best surf trip in Australia

Every day we give the surfing bug to many of you. You learn to stand up, ride the wave and afterwards, you buy your own surfboard. Now you wanna go on your own surf trip in search for perfect waves. But Where to go for your next surf trip in Australia? 

We want to give you a bit of our knowledge. Allowing you to make your search a bit easier and giving you the possibility to find  perfect waves and good times on your surf trip. There is no better feeling than finding a secret spot with groomed lines and nobody out. On the East Coast, that’s hard to find, but even the most crowded places have lonely waves if you look hard enough.

Here’s a little bit of local knowledge that will help you enjoy an epic road trip on the East Coast of Oz.


1- Noosa

Noosa is a long boarding paradise and all round beautiful destination for travelling surfers looking for the surf trip of a life time.  Made up of 5 amazing point breaks, a beautiful national park and 1 long beach stretching around 10km’s, it has everything you need for a surfing destination.  Throw in warm water, great restaurants and the best surf club in Australia and you’ve got a piece of paradise worth exploring.

The only negative to the Noosa point breaks is the crowd they attract.  If the waves are pumping on the point, no one goes to work or school, they all go surfing.  While the points can get extremely crowded, if you are prepared to walk a little bit further around to Granite Bay, it is still possible to surf perfect 4 foot waves with only a few others out.  If you keep walking a little bit further you will get to Alexandria Bay and surf alone (with the exception of a few naturists in the sand dunes).

During the Autumn and Winter months… The beach breaks of Sunshine Beach all the way down to Coolum light up with off shore winds, plenty of swell and deep barrels.  Be prepared for a paddle but the waves are worth it and the crowds are small.

Noosa is as famous for surfing as France is for it’s baguette. With five point breaks linking up together on the right swell there’s no better place to be.

2- Crescent Head

Crescent Head is a sleepy little village on the mid-coast of NSW.  Blessed with a great right hand point break, a long sandy beach that you can drive on and plenty of good fishing this is definitely a favourite destination of ours. Crescent Head has an abundance of camp sites right on the beach and loads of different facing beaches.  This means there are always waves.

Crescent Head’s point break is the wave that the town is known for, actually its been classified a National Surfing Reserve. This means it does get crowded but it’s the back beaches I feel that are the hidden gems of “Crezzo”.  Big Hill, Delicate Nobby’s and Racecourse generally don’t get many crowds. They are super fun beach breaks that pack plenty of punch.  If you have a 4wd you can basically explore everywhere by driving on the beach itself. Which adds to the epic vibe this place has.  You can seriously spend the rest of your life lazing away in this little beauty of a town.

3-Broken Head

Surfing at places like Byron Bay can be frustrating.  The crowds are insane and most of them surf like pros which makes getting a wave in the first place difficult.  The Pass has never been a favourite of mine, but Byron as a town is super fun so makes a great destination for a surf trip.  Live music most nights, plenty of good looking humans. Also, great food make this place a hot spot for the travelling community and rightly so.  This is one of our favourite bar/café in the area : http://roadhousebyronbay.com/

It should definitely be said that the Northern Rivers area is wave rich. Because of this has produced some of Australia’s and the world’s finest surfers.  You don’t have to always surf The Pass to get waves in Byron.  In fact, my favourite place to surf in Byron is Broken Head.  It’s just South of Suffolk Park and has a North facing headland that protects it, from Summer’s South Easterly winds in this region.  It does have a little point break but its the beach here that is most fun.  There is usually a couple of sand banks about 100 metres up from the camp site which produced super fun A-Frames.  It can get a bit crowded too. But not with same competitive angst that you see at The Pass and getting your share of waves here is much easier.

The only downfall this area has is the sea life.  There are plenty of men in grey suits swimming around here due to the nutrient rich ocean and abundant fish.  Don’t let it stop you, but do be careful!


Bendalong is obviously a favourite surf trip for us.  We have our surf camp here due in part to the quality and consistency of waves.  Located on a headland around 3 hours South of Sydney. Bendalong is easily our favourite surf spot in NSW.  ‘Back Beach’ as it’s commonly known is a South facing beach break. It picks up swell when nowhere else does.  The North end has a little rock positioned at the back of the line up creating a perfect A-Frame in deep water that can pack a serious punch.

Just around the corner there is Green Island which is the jewel of the South.  A long paddle out to a wrapping left hander around an idyllic island, this place is out of the movies.  The best part of these two beaches is that they work on North winds and South swells which means they work all Summer long.

If the wind turns South, don’t worry.  Just drive around to the North facing beaches at Monument or Flat Rock and you’ll definitely score.  Did I say this place was consistent? Yep.  A perfect surf trip waiting to happen.

5-Double island point

We could have classed this as Noosa as it’s right on the end of Noosa North Shore, but this place deserves a spot on it’s own.  You want a surfing paradise?  This is it.  Nothing beats camping right on the beach and waking up to perfect right handers.  Kind of like the Super Bank down on the Gold Coast, this wave runs a long way on a sand bottom.  When the waves are on it can provide some serious tube time.  

It’s located on the Rainbow Beach side of the point. Which means you have close access to the coloured sands and Fraser Island is literally a stone’s throw away.  On the other side of the point you have the beach that you drive up which also has fantastic beach breaks for about 60km’s.  Take a tent, a 4wd and a BBQ and you will have the time of your life.  I know we have it here at number 5, but I think this could be my favourite surf trip of all.

Don’ t hesitate to improve your surfing level with some surf lessons:https://australiansurftours.com.au/surf-school/ and if you feel confident… Go live the dream and go for it!

Share with us your favourite or secret surf spot in Australia.

We love sharing the passion of surfing and the adventure who goes with it.

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